BLESS ME ULTIMA - West Coast Premiere 2018

Support the the 2018 West Coast Premiere of
Bless Me Ultima - The Opera 
Héctor Armienta

The development of Bless Me Ultima - the Opera has been five years in the making. At long last, Opera Cultura will be presenting the west coast premiere in April 2018. Based on the quintissential novel of Chicano literature by novelist Rudolfo Anaya, it is a story of a young boy (Antonio) 
who learns about the magical and supernatural power of the River and the Llano ( plains) through Ultima (A Curandera/Spiritual Healer). Under her wise wing, Antonio will probe the family ties that bind and rend him, and he will discover himself in the magical secrets of the pagan past-a mythic legacy as palpable as the Catholicism of Latin America. 

Please join us and make it possible to bring this Mexican American story  to the operatic stage.

DVD Cuentos Video - $18