Bless Me, Ultima - A Resounding Success!

Héctor Armienta’s new Mexican-American opera Bless Me, Ultima received its West Coast premiere April 20-22 at the Mexican Heritage Theater in San Jose. View photos of the opera production and related events.

Memories from the World Premiere of Bless Me, Ultima

This past February, Friends of Opera Cultura gathered in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the world premiere of Bless Me, Ultima.

Announcing - Free art class for foster youth

Opera Cultura is offering a free art class for youth at The Hub, a community resource center for foster youth in San Jose.

Hiring - Stage Manager and Tech Crew


The West Coast Premiere of Bless Me Ultima

A new Mexican-American opera by Héctor Armienta


March 25th - April 22nd, 2018


Stage rehearsals: April 2nd - April 14th, 2018

Tech Rehearsal Week: April 15th - April 19th, 2018

Performances dates: April 20th, 21st, 22nd, 2018


In conjunction with the director, the stage manager determines the scheduling of allrehearsals and makes sure everyone involved is notified of rehearsal times, costume fittings, and coaching sessions. 

During the rehearsal phase, stage managers:

● mark out the dimensions of the set on the floor of the rehearsal hall

● make sure rehearsal props and furnishings are available for the actors

● attend all rehearsals

● notify the designers and crafts people of changes made in rehearsal

In rehearsals the stage manager also records all blocking, plus all the light, sound and set change cues, in a master copy of the script called the prompt book. The informationin the prompt book also allows the stage manager to run the technical rehearsals, calling each technical cue in turn to determine precisely how it needs to be timed to coordinate with the onstage action.

Primary Responsibilities

Serve as stage manager for production (attending all stage rehearsals, sitzprobe,

tech rehearsals, dress rehearsal, and performances)

Calling cues and possibly actors' entrances during performance

● Creates, manages schedules (stage and music) and run stage rehearsals.

● Supervise safe technical installations in theater venue

● Supervise safe technical rehearsals

Overseeing the entire show each time it is performed

● Supervise all technical installations in theater venue and supervise technical


● Provide a rehearsal and tech week schedule (times and dates) to performers and production team

● Responsible for organizing performers & crew schedule

Responsible for all scripts and scores (orders, distributes, collects and returns).


Stage hands, props manager, spot light operator

Send resume to:

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Subject Heading: Name of position you are interested in.

We have a WINNER - Canto Online Vocal Competition

Canto Online Vocal Competition is officially over, and we have a WINNER! Congratulations to Virginia Hesse, a 24-year-old lyric coloratura soprano from Houston, TX.