Cuentos at Hillview Library

A Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 29, 2018

Hillview Library
1600 Hopkins Dr.
San Jose, CA 95122

Cuentos de Peregrinación is based on stories collected by composer Héctor Armienta, and retells the heart wrenching and inspirational stories of Mexican immigrants who have made the arduous journey from Mexico to the US. This work is intended for the community and those that want to celebrate the contributions of all immigrants - including those within our own family. Cuentos de Peregrinación was produced in 2014 at the Mexican Heritage Theater in San Jose by Opera Cultura. 

Can't attend this event? CLICK HERE for information about Opera Cultura's Online Broadcast of Cuentos de Peregrinación!

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Join us on September 29th for a very exciting event at Hillview Library in San Jose, as part of a celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. The event will be based on Cuentos de Peregrinación/Tales of Pilgrimage, a song cycle opera by composer Héctor Armienta and produced by Opera Cultura in 2014. 
The first half of the event will be a fun youth painting workshop to get your creative juices flowing! The workshop will be led by visual artist Roberto Romo, the creator of the artistic painted backdrops for the opera (one of the artworks is used in the graphic above). 
The second half of the event will start with a special performance by one of the featured singers of the opera, soprano Alexandra Anderson. The performance will be followed by a screening of the 2014 production, and a discussion led by both Alexandra Anderson and Roberto Romo.
1-3pm Youth Art Workshop
4pm Performance & Screening of Cuentos de Peregrinación/Tales of Pilgrimage

QUESTIONS? Contact Hillview Library, or contact Tamara Liu at