Hector Armienta, Composer and Artistic Director of Opera Cultura

  Artist Lectures

Hector Armienta, artistic director of Opera Cultura and creator of the music theater trilogy, Aguas Ancestrales – Ancient Wa- ters , discusses how artists throughout the centuries have mined folk stories as source material to develop epic works in opera and in theater. Using La LLorona – The Weeping Woman (part I of the trilogy) as an example, he will share the process that many artists undertake when researching a folk legend and developing it into a work for theater. As part of the discussion, Mr. Armienta will also discuss how artists of color are seeking to create cultural bridges between communities by working within Eurocentric models of art. As part of the presentation, an Opera Cultura artist is available to sing an aria from La Llorona. Video footage from previous productions can be shown as well.